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Five Night At Freddy’s World Guide: Quick EXP Guide

Five Night At Freddy's World Guide: Quick EXP Guide
In Five Nights At Freddy’s World you will need to gain EXP in order to level up and defeat tougher enemies. In order to get EXP, you will need to kill enemies and bosses. This guide will help you find the best spots to farm EXP for your characters!

How To Get Quick EXP In Five Night At Freddy’s World

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Now this is kind of a trick if you want to go fast. First you will need to find a world boss, you can find one north of the start of the game called Auto Chipper. I’d say he is very killable at level 5+ so start then.

Here’s what you do. You fight and kill the boss, save and the reset. Yup, that’s it. When you reload in the boss will also reload and you can farm them. Bosses get a ton of EXP and you can use this method to level up your team quickly. This is also a great way to level up the characters you aren’t using if you want to switch up your team.

So far I have found two bosses you can do this one.

Auto Chipper the first and you can find him north of where you spawn at in the beginning. This boss will give you 200 EXP a win.

The second is named Bouncer and he is a giant snow man with Gatling gun arms. You can find him in the north part of the Duting Fields area, you can’t really miss him if you are progressing in the game. He will give you 450 EXP and is well worth farming at least a few times.

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