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Football Superstars Tips & Tricks Guide

Football Superstars Tips & Tricks Guide
Welcome to our Football Superstars Guide written by Guest Hero Aikangell. Football Superstars is a fully real-time soccer based MMORPG where you can create your very own Superstar and live the life of today’s modern players. Buying new clothes, drinking in bars and getting famous and learning new tricks and skills.

This basic guide is designed to help players with a few tips and tricks for Football Superstars. Usually when someone mentions tricks or skills, most people refer to the abilities in game known as uniques. These uniques are trademark moves of soccer heroes from yesteryear, skills like the Cruyff Turn, Step-Over and Drag Back are all available to purchase but most of them are limited and not really very useful, below is some information on the basics of actual skill in Football Superstars, I begin with dribbling.

The easiest method used in this game to dribble is the LMB ( left mouse button ). Look down at the ground, close to your feet and press LMB to kick the ball in front of your player, you can also do the same with the arch icon but this requires far less power. If are 2 opponents in front of you just use this easy method. With a lot of patience and practice, you can learn to incorporate the uniques into your dribbling by using the Q and E keys, although this is very difficult and not many players are able to do it. Below is a video on how to use the knock-on trick as well as using unique abilities while dribbling.

Shooting, a skill that many attempt but only a few have mastered. You’ve most likely taken plenty of shots in your time in Football Superstars but how often have they gone in? Here are a few basic tips to help get your Cantona boots into gear. To do a better long shot, don’t sprint when you are shooting, when you sprint you lose accuracy and stamina, with less of both your chances of scoring are reduced. If you want to play Striker or another offensive position, I would recommended buying Shooting Accuracy boots as these well help with your final touch. If you’re struggling with penalties, try to aim just above the keepers head, in the middle of the goal. With reduced stats you have about 80% chance of scoring, the more accuracy and power you have, the greater your chance becomes.

Use your stamina carefully, if you run too much it will go down. Run only when you must intercept a ball and when you run with ball. All actions take up Stamina, shooting, passing and running. Make sure to focus on your endurance stat and avoid running so much that your Stamina reaches 0, if you reach 20% Stamina, pass the ball and either return to position and wait for your Stamina to replenish or continue with the flow of play.

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