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Forza Horizon 5 Barn Find Guide

Of course there are going to be Barn Finds in the newest Forza Horizon. Check out this Forza Horizon 5 Barn Find Guide to figure out where they are all and how to get them. This way you are just driving around blindly hoping for a barn.

Forza Horizon 5 Barn Find Guide

To put it simply, some of these Barn Finds are random. Meaning that even if you find the barn, it won’t trigger the Barn Find event. You need to do certain things in order to gain access to the barns, which is super silly. So far here is a list that we have come up with.

  • Beating Races
  • Exploring
  • Buying certain houses and then all houses
  • Tulum Expedition Horizon Adventure mission
  • Vocho Horizon Adventure mission
  • El Camino Horizon Adventure mission
  • Baja Expedition Horizon Adventure mission
  • Discover Ramiro’s Rainy Day Fund
  • Find other barns

I’ve gotten the rumors after winning races, and after losing races. The only ones that have been consistent are the Adventure missions, the rest seem to happen if you are in the general area and play a race. At the same time I was playing co-op and my buddy got a rumor that I didn’t, and vice versa.

If you figure out any extra barn rumors that we don’t have listed, please leave a comment so we can find them as well.

Here are the locations, but going there won’t get you anything unless you have the rumor.

We are still working on locating some of these rumors.

Check back soon for more Forza Horizon 5 guides.

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