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Where To Get The Fossil Pokemon Sun And Moon

Where To Get The Fossil Pokemon Sun And Moon
As you progress Pokemon Sun and Moon you will eventually get the choice of which Fossil to choose. You will have a choice between a Skull Fossil or a Cover Fossil. Check out this guide to figure out Where To Get The Fossil Pokemon Sun And Moon!

Skull Fossil Or Cover Fossil In Pokemon Sun And Moon

You can find the Fossils for sale inside the Stone shop in KoniKoni City. You have to enter this place during the story but you don’t have to choose a Fossil. The wording on the old man is a bit off, one per customer he says. What he means is you can only buy one of each Fossil, so you can buy both if you have the cash. Now we just need to find out where to use the Fossils to turn them into actual Pokemon. There are Ruins of Life nearby but you can’t really do much in there at the moment. There is also this weird Aether lab thing going on as well I’m looking around. When I find out where to use the Fossils I will return to update, I just don’t want anyone to miss them in this one.

Thanks to Ladywizard in the comments I found out where to turn the Fossils into Pokemon. Head up to Route 8, you can fly their with Charizard. From the Poke Center, go up until you can take a right into the Forest. Here you can find a guy and his trailer, kind of shady if you ask me. Talk to him and he will turn your Fossils into Pokemon. The Skull Fossil turns into Cranidos, which is a Rock Pokemon and the Cover Fossil turns into Tirtouga, which is a Water and Rock type Pokemon. If you have Moon you get the Plume and Armor fossils which give you Archen and Shieldon(Thanks to Cal Wykes for the info).

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