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What Are Founders Coins For In Fortnite

What Are Founders Coins For In Fortnite
Fortnite Early Access release is upon us and for those that have picked up a Founders Pack, the special reward of Founders Coins. This guide will answer the simple question What Are Founders Coins For In Fortnite?

Fortnite is now available to purchase on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Early Access. You get a ton of perks for picking up the game prior to its 2018 free-to-play release including several characters, special weapons, a good dose of crafting materials and a number of special loot boxes, called Llama’s. This Llama’s are your bread and butter to unlock rare and special items and can include everything from experience points to the best characters and buffs in the game.

You get Llama rewards for many actions in the game but for the duration of Early Access, players can use a special Launch Event Llama. This Llama has better rewards than the cheaper Llama’s available but it also cannot be purchased or unlocked via traditional means.

That’s what the Founder’s Coins are for. As you complete certain missions during the pre-release event you will unlock Founders Coins. You can then spend these in the Loot tab of the game to buy the Special Launch Event Llama which guarantees one Founders Epic Weapon, well worth the cost.

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