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Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re looking to slaughter everything as Jason or escape as the Counselors this Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks features a list of neat bits of information and advice that can help improve your play and chances of winning.

Friday The 13th: The Game is still a very fresh game but has already attracted a huge amount of attention following the success of games like Dead by Daylight. As with all online competitive games there’s a general meta that the community follows, taking advantage of patch-by-patch changes. This guide will focus primarily on general tips and tricks for Friday The 13th: The Game that will hopefully remain relevant past the first few patches.

Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks – Counselors

This is vital but be careful, Jason can hear your in-game voice communications if he is in range. You can use the push-to-talk key to talk to players in your vicinity but you can also find a radio that lets you talk to the entire team. This is especially useful if one of your team has a map (You can also check out our Friday The 13th: The Game Map guide for a picture of all maps). Only a player that has found a map can see the exact location of certain objectives, such as cars and the police when they arrive. If Jason is chasing you and is well aware of your position, you can call it out to your team so they know they can search or complete objectives freely… as long as you’re still alive anyway.

Travel Together
It’s probably not a good idea for every Counselor to be in the same area but it’s best to run with at least one or two other people. This is because many items you need to escape, such as Batteries, take up the large item slot – meaning the player cannot carry any weapons. Someone carrying a battery with a nearby team mate with a Flaregun or Shotgun can be a game changer.

Learn The Methods Of Escape
To win a game as the Counselors you have to escape. There are several methods of escaping, from calling the police to escaping on a boat. Each requires different objectives that must be met before you can escape. Check out our guide on how to escape for more details.

Learn Jason’s Abilities
It’s very likely you’ll spend most of your time playing the Counselors so getting to learn Jason’s abilities can be tough. To experience them yourself make sure to change your spawn settings in the customization menu so you can play as Jason more in Friday The 13th: The Game. His teleport ability is available right at the start of the game. Using this he can teleport to any location on the map.

His second ability that opens a few minutes into the map is his sense ability. When active he can sense your presence based on your fear or noise. If you’re inside a house, the entire house will glow red. If you’re hiding for the Police or another timer, don’t hide indoors.

Play To Your Counselors Strengths
Check your Counselors stats, each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you play risky and Jason is often chasing you, pick one of the faster Counselors with the 8-10 speed stats. If you fancy your chances standing toe to toe, make sure you play a Counselor with higher strength values.

Loot Thoroughly
This can be a huge downfall for a team. If you reach a house and notice open windows, locked doors, there’s a good chance a Counselor has already looted inside. However, people miss drawers and cupboards a LOT. If you do not search each house very carefully, you can find yourself at the end of the game missing a single item to escape and no obvious building to check. Loot every lootable object whenever you enter a house.

Lock The Doors
Jason has to destroy locked doors, taking 1-3 swings, giving you valuable time to escape. Jason cannot use windows so a locked door can offer ample time for you to leave the house and had elsewhere.

Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks – Jason

Start Strong
The starting moments are key to setting the tone and achieving victory with Jason. You unlock the ability to teleport to any location on the map right near the start. Counselors will immediately start to loot buildings as every objective required to escape needs at least one item from inside a building.

Tackling Cars
Cars are one of the more common elements when escaping. Jason is able to temporarily disable a vehicle by smashing the front of the car. Use E on PC. You can do this while the vehicle is moving. Used in conjunction with the teleport ability, you can view the cars trajectory on the map, teleport ahead of it and keeping pressing the key to smash the car up. They have to take 10 or so seconds to restart the car in order to move so take out the driver as quickly as you can.

Pay Attention To Objective Locations
Your map shows various objective locations, such as car spawns but you’ll also want to look for the house that houses the generator and phone. Remember, players need objectives to escape so trapping popular spots, checking those when you aren’t chasing someone, is always a good idea.

Use Your Traps!
Traps are a key aspect of Jason’s arsenal as players are always faster. Placing a trap outside a window before you bust through a door can catch a Counselor and give you enough time to move to the side of the building and take them down. They are very well camouflaged in the foliage so they can be a great tool to place near cars and other objectives too but be careful, once they are used they are gone.

Take Out The Biggest Threat
When engaging a group of Counselors pay attention to what they are carrying. Targeting those with weapons that can distract or stun you is the best idea so target Counselors that are carrying shotguns or other high-stun value weapons.

We’re updating this Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks guide as we progress and learn more things to add. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any extra advice to share.

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Whether you're looking to slaughter everything as Jason or escape as the Counselors this Friday The 13th: The Game Tips And Tricks features a list of neat bits of information and advice that can help improve your play and chances of winning.
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