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Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Character Recruitment Guide

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Character Recruitment Guide
So you’re playing Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow and you want to find all of your favorite characters? Well, you’ve come to the right place as our Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Character Recruitment Guide lists all of the famous Futurama characters we’ve encountered so far and how you free/recruit them to join you.

For the first few characters you can recruit I’ve gone into more depth to introduce you to the way the systems work. After you have recruited the initial characters, you’ve learned how to use commands with each, level up your character, etc. After that each character is featured in list format for easy reference.

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Character Recruitment Guide

How To Recruit Professor Farnsworth
You can recruit Professor Farnsworth right at the beginning of the game. You have to complete various quests to progress through the initial tutorial. Once you’ve progressed far enough you will unlock Professor Farnsworth.

How To Recruit Amy
You need to construct the O’Zorgnax’s Pub to recruit Amy. This becomes available at Level 1 after you complete the mission to help Professor Farnsworth with the Tractor Beam device. Once you’ve built the pub you have to complete three objectives to receive the correct items to recruit Amy.

Click the Disco Ball. It’s a Common reward for Fry using the “Do The Hustle” command. The Lab Coat is a rare reward when Professor Farnsworth does the Practice Giving Good News command. Finally, construct the Science Lab.

How To Recruit Bender
In order to recruit Bender you must complete several objectives. You need to have previously recruited Amy using the steps above. Then you must complete the Omicron Persei 8 Cable Guy Mission 1 to obtain the 1st Artifact and finally, unlock the Downtown District area. Once you unlock the Downtown District clear the Robot Arms Apts to unlock Bender. To recruit Bender you need to complete a few more objectives.

Firstly, build a 7/11. Next use Fry and choose the action Buy Bachelor Chow for a chance to get the Beer. To get the Cigar use Amy and have her Embrace her Robosexuality. Finally buy a Suicide Booth for 350 Nixonbucks.

How To Recruit Scruffy

  • Build an Electric Ladyland building for 1,250 Nixonbucks.
  • Mustache Wax – Item from The Buggalo Bond mission on Mars
  • 3x Mops – Level 3 command with Bender, Level 3 command with Professor
  • 3x Brooms – Level 4 command with Amy, Level 1 command with Robot Fry
  • x4 Adult Magazines – Random drop from Electric Ladyland, Level 5 command with Professor, Level 5 command with Bender

How To Recruit Calculon
You need to purchase the Box Network building for Pizza. No further objectives are required.

How To Recruit Nixon & Agnew
Purchase the Watergate Hotel with Pizza. No further objectives are required.

How To Recruit Hedonismbot
Purchase the Metro House of Opera with Pizza. No further objectives are required.

How To Recruit Hyper-Chicken
Purchase the Earth Supreme Court with Pizza. No further objectives are required.

We’re updating this Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Character Recruitment Guide as we progress through the game so check back regularly for new updates.

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