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Gambling Hall Access Code In Lost Judgment

There is a Gambling Hall in Lost Judgment but when you first arrive, the door is locked. This guide on the Gambling Hall Access Code In Lost Judgment will tell you exactly what the code is so you don’t have to mess around doing other objectives and can get straight into the gambling.

Nearly all of the Yakuza games have had some sort of hidden gambling den, tucked away on some seedy backstreet. Lost Judgment is no different. To the very South East corner of the map, there is a Gambling Hall in the new city. Unlike previous games, where the location is usually a secret, Lost Judgment’s Gambling Hall is clearly in the open for all to see. However, this time there is another puzzle to solve, you need to find the access code to open the door.

Gambling Hall Access Code In Lost Judgment

Gambling Hall Access Code In Lost Judgment
When you first arrive at the location you will need to head up some stairs. When you reach the top, you can interact with the door. Unfortunately, the door is locked behind a keycode. You don’t have to complete the objectives related to solving the puzzle to get the code, you can simply enter the code below to gain access.

The code is: 7120

If you want to figure it out for yourself, keep an ear open when you are close to the green speech bubbles on the map. Some folk will talk about accessing the Gambling Hall when you’re nearby. We were in Chapter 5 (ish) when we first heard the discussion, but it’s likely available much earlier.

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