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Gears Of War 3 Corpser Mother Boss Guide

Gears Of War 3 Corpser Mother Boss Guide

The next big boss in Gears of War 3 is the Corpser Mother. She is a giant version of the Corpser and can deal a lot more damage. This boss guide will help you bring her down without getting owned. Let’s do it.

First thing for the Gears of War 3 Corpser Mother boss guide is her abilities. She herself isn’t really to scary until later but she can still do some damage.

Her legs are much stronger then the little ones and can’t be damaged at all so don’t even bother trying to hit them. She will try to hit you with them if you get to close so keep your distance a bit.

You will be fighting her in an egg room and the eggs will hatch to try and kill you as you fight her. The baby ones are easy to bring down because they don’t have armor yet so just unload on them and avoid there attacks. They are a bit faster then the normal ones so keep that in mind.

After you do some damage to her she will send out normal corpsers at you. These are much more annoying because they have armor and can go under ground to hurt you. If you are having trouble bringing them down use this and you should have no problems with them.

After doing some serious damage to her she becomes extremely dangerous and runs rampant throughout the cave. She runs all around and is hard to avoid but you have to because one hit from her and it’s game over. She runs extremely fast so try to keep your distance.

Now for the Gears of War 3 Corpser Mother boss guide fight. You will clear out a couple of the babies and she will appear. As stated above hitting her in the legs is pointless so you have to focus her eyes. She will eventually lift her legs and you will have a clear shot. Bring down an eye and she retreats a bit.

At this point she will send two normal sized corpsers at you and some more eggs will hatch. You will have to deal with them in order to fight her again. She won’t do much unless you get close in which case she will strike at you. Kill the babies and normal ones and the fight will re commence.

She will be a little more aggressive this time and protect her eyes better. Still she will eventually make a mistake and you have to bring down another eye. She will retreat again.

Now she sends more enemies at you to deal with. Kill them and she will come back at you.

Yet again she will put her legs up and you will shoot out her eye. One more to go. She will retreat.

She will send all the enemies she can at you now and you have to bring them down. It’s not like an overwhelming amount or anything so it’s fairly simple.

Once she comes at you again take out the last eye and the fight gets harder. She will go crazy and start to rampage all around the cave. You have to avoid this and go to the open door that she was protecting. Do it as quick as you can or else you are dead. After that the fight is over, good job.

That will end the Gears of War 3 Corpser Mother boss guide.

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