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Gears of War 3 Tempest/Queen Boss Guide

Gears of War 3 Tempest/Queen Boss Guide

The last boss in Gears of War 3 is the Tempest/Queen. The Tempest is the giant beetle that spits fire and the Queen is well the Queen of the Locust. She has been hounding you the whole way but now its time to bring her down. This boss guider will help you avoid becoming a toasted gear. Let’s go.

First of for the Gears of War 3 Tempest/Queen Boss guide is her ability. to be honest she really only has one and that is the beetles fire spit. Getting caught in the results in being down and sometimes death. Stay behind cover and wait for it to pass. This will also burn up any weak cover so pick something strong.

She will also start calling for reinforcements so be wary and deal with them as you need to.

The next part of the Gears of War 3 Tempest/Queen Boss guide is the fight. This actually a two parter. The first time you engage her is in the hotel. At this pint you need to cut three wires and drop something on her head. Its easy just stay behind cover and one the fire spit has passed run to a line and cut it. Rinse and repeat. If you are cutting a line while she starts her spit expect to be downed. After she is dropped a few levels this part of the fight is over.

The next part she is much stronger and will send out locust to stop you. Once she appears take cover and fire into the mouth of the beast. Avoid the fire spit and after some hits she will drop. At this point the hammer of dawn will become available. Grab it and use it on the queen. After three shots the boss will drop down and go into hiding. At the point it will just re appear to shoot you with fire. Shoot it in the mouth while it is charging. I used a lancer because it has the best range without risking yourself.

After you do enough damage she will drop again and now is the time to use the hammer on her. You can’t hit her in the air with it by the way. She will send back up while she is down but the hammer will likely melt them. If you run out of power for the gun grab a new one they are in the metal boxes that popped out of the ground. After three more hits she will go back to flying. Take out and Locust and expect to see her pop up again.

At this point she will actually attack the tower and try to bring it down. On the beetles back you will see two glowing spots. Hit those while she is on the tower and she will fly off before she reaches the top. On she does fly off you have to hit it in the mouth again. Stay behind cover and once she drops bring the hammer down on her a few more times and you will have beat the game. Good job.

That will end the Gears of War 3 Tempest/Queen Boss guide.

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  1. Thanks my bf was trying to pass this last level and couldn’t for a while. Your walkthrough was the only one I found and after I read it to him he passed in the next 10 mins or so.. thanks for all your advice.

  2. Really awful guide, thanks! You basically said, “to beat this fight, you must win”. Telling the player to shoot or kill an enemy is not a “guide”.

    On difficulty levels that aren’t for retards, the fire kills you about instantly, and the AI teammates have porridge for brains so you can’t count on them. The locust/drones do too much damage for you to reliably attack her when she attacks the tower. Is there some better strategy to doing this then “protip: shoot it until it dies”?

    If not, why even write a guide you silly

  3. Ohh, I have to shoot the mouth, use the hammer of dawn, and shoot its back? Well shit, I thought the game was just screwing with me when it told me to do that.

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