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Gears Of War Pop Raam Unleashed Guide

Gears Of War Pop Raam Unleashed Guide
What does Raam Unleashed do after you unlock it in Gears of War Pop? This Gears Of War Pop Raam Unleashed tells you how to unlock this unique item and how you are able to use it once you have unlocked it for yourself.

There are many different types of reward mechanics in Gears of War Pop. You get special chests you can open over time, different currencies, new characters to use, and sometimes, special tokens tied to specific modes and events within the game.

Gears Of War Pop Raam Unleashed Guide

Raam Unleashed is a special token. It is unlocked via Versus Mode. There is a Win Streak counter with the Versus game mode. You need to max out the Win Streak counter, which can be done once every 4 hours, to get a special bundle of rewards. One such reward can be the Raam Unleashed.

How To Unlock Raam Unleashed

  • On the “Home” screen check out the “Versus” option
  • At the top right of the “Versus” menu there is a “Win Streak” count
  • The “Win Streak” count is out of 5. Get the “Win Streak” count to 5, the Raam Unleashed is one of the potential rewards

Once you have unlocked Raam Unleashed, you may struggle to find where to use it. Unfortunately, it’s not a new Pin or ability you can use. It’s actually a Token. You must reach character level 2, shown in the top left corner, before you’re able to use Raam Unleashed.

From the “Home” screen, scroll right until you reach “Horde” mode. This is a special co-op battle mode that you can play with a friend. You can use the Raam Unleashed token to enter a special level in Horde mode.

Where To Use Raam Unleashed

  • From the “Home” screen, scroll right until you reach “Horde” mode.
  • You must be in a Crew to use Horde Mode.
  • Activate Horde Mode and use the Raam Unleashed token there.

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