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Genshin Impact Cooking Guide

Genshin Impact Cooking Guide
Cooking plays an important role in your Genshin adventure. This Genshin Impact Cooking Guide covers the basics of the cooking system including details on gaining proficiency, the different buffs and bonuses provided by food, how to unlock more recipes, and where you can cook up some grub.

Cooking is not available immediately at the start of Genshin Impact. You need to follow the main story for a few minutes before you’re about to enter the town. Just outside the town, near the bridge that leads inside, there is a lady standing by a campfire. She’s the first cook you encounter and, if you speak with her, she will act as the introductory quest to the cooking system as well as giving you some basic cooking supplies and materials.

Genshin Impact Cooking Guide

Genshin Impact Cooking Guide Cooking
There are two main menus to the cooking system, Cook and Process. The cooking aspect of the menu allows you to use ingredients to make recipes. They can have a huge variety of effects. Some can restore health, others can increase basic stats or bring fallen allies back to life. Each time you cook a specific recipe, you gain Proficiency in that recipe. Once you reach maximum Proficiency with a recipe, you can then auto cook that recipe. This allows you to get a Perfect result every time and allows you to cook in batches, instantly.

The other section, Process, allows you to use ingredients and combine them to make cooking Ingredients. This can be a lengthy process, with some items requiring 20+ minutes to make. It’s best to pop these on the fire and then continue with other quests if you want to make it a regular thing.

Unlocking recipes is almost exclusively done through restaurants, although a couple of quests do reward them also. You can buy recipe books from Restaurants but you must navigate to the item in your inventory and read it to learn the actual recipe itself. The cooking and process are simple systems but this is everything you need to know to get started.

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