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Genshin Impact Mondstadt Shrine Of Depths Key Guide

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Shrine Of Depths Key Guide
Where to find it and what does it do? This Genshin Impact Mondstadt Shrine Of Depths Key Guide answers those questions and more as mysterious shrines dot the landscape requiring a unique and special key to unlock. We’ll tell you where to find the key and where to find the shrines that it opens.

You may have already discovered one of the shrines or you may have stumbled upon the key, either way you’re probably missing at least one piece of this puzzle. Before you are able to find the Shrine of the Depths Key you need to reach Adventure Rank 12 (check out our guide on increasing Adventure Rank faster). Once you have Adventure Rank 12 you can complete the Temple of the Falcon, Explore Windy Cliff dungeon. The entrance is just Southeast of Mondstadt, across the bride, near the fast travel point. Once you complete the dungeon, you will have the Shrine of Depths Key.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Shrine Of Depths Key Guide

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You are looking for the Shrine of Depths. They aren’t common but they are also very easy to spot. They are large shrines with blue, glowing window-like sides that block your passage. There is one at this location above, in the Stormbearer Mountains near a world boss. It’s a safe trip so there’s no concern if you wanted to head to this one. You’re also very likely to discover one on your travels so if it’s too far out the way, I wouldn’t worry too much about tracking one down.

That’s all there is to it really. The dungeon cannot be repeated but it’s likely there are other shrine keys available once you are a high enough level to unlock the Explore element of each of the other dungeons on the map. Once you open the Shrine there is usually a Luxurious Chest locked within.

These can give you Primogems, weapons, experience points boosts, Mystic Enhancement Ore. There’s a lot of valuable loot within the shrines so they are worth tracking down.

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