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Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Quest Guide
Out on the Nameless Island in Genshin Impact your objective is to uncover the secret of the nameless island. Check out this Genshin Impact Time and The Wind quest guide to finish it up as soon as you can. This way you don’t waste your time trying to figure out where everything is.

Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Quest Guide

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Alright so first off the island is located here on the map.

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You have two options to get there. First, if you have enough stamina and Venti who lets you glide for longer, you can glide there. Go from here and bring a little bit of stamina food just in case. I had 208 stamina when I crossed the ocean to get there.

Genshin Impact Time And The Wind Quest Guide 2

The second option, which is much slower, is to use ice to make your own road. It will take you a long time to get there, but you won’t have to worry about running out of stamina. Ideally you should bring two Cryo characters if you can. Also the wind guys can push the ice, which helps keep you moving. Once you arrive on the island you will get the quest. for the first part of the quest, head to the south beach and near a tent there is a rock you can break. Break it and get the journal. Then head to the sun dial and set your time to 2am.

Use your elemental vision and you will see a wind orb behind the sun dial. Behind the sun dial, out on the platform in the water, you will see a green glowing orb. Head out there and use wind magic to break it. This will spawn three more on the island. One is up on the large pillar near the dial, on it on the north shore, and one is on the south shore near the downed Ruin guard. They also have glowing lines that lead to them if you use your elemental vision. Break them all then go to the sun dial.

Now use your elemental vision again and you will see a large wind orb there, break it and boss will spawn. This boss is level 47, so if you aren’t around that level, good luck. Beat it down until it gets to about 25% HP and it will retreat. Use the wind currents to follow it back to the main land and you will end up near the Thousand Winds temple.

Again, set the time to 2am and break the wind orbs in the area, they are close to the dial. Kill the enemies and there will be one giant wind orb over the dial. Break that and the true fight begins. The boss is level 50 and will start to spawn extra enemies as well. I recommend food buffs and potion buffs to help out. I used Fisch and here lightning to really damage the orb with Diluc’s fire attacks. If a mage spawns, kill it because those tornados will ruin you. Keep grind it down and when you beat the quest you will be rewarded.

Check back soon for more Genshin Impact guides.

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