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How To Get The Balmung Sword In Final Fantasy XV – Strongest Sword In The Game

How To Get The Balmung Sword In Final Fantasy XV - Strongest Sword In The Game
Final Fantasy XV is home to dozens of unique and powerful weapons but none more powerful than the Balmung Sword. This How To Get The Balmung Sword In Final Fantasy XV guide will tell you where to find the strongest sword in the entire game.

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How To Get The Balmung Sword In Final Fantasy XV – Strongest Sword In The Game

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The Balmung Sword is the strongest attack rated weapon in all of Final Fantasy XV, within the sword category. So it’s only fitting that the challenge to obtain the weapon be as mighty as the weapon itself. To get the Balmung sword and at it to your arsenal, you must have first completed the entire story campaign. Once you’ve completed the story you need to finish of the dungeons to complete the quest so you can get the special key to unlock dungeon doors.

Once you obtain the Dungeon Seal Key you’re given a bunch more side quests related to each of the hidden dungeons in Final Fantasy XV. Choose The Menace Sleeps in Steyliff quest and head towards the dungeon. You can only enter the dungeon at night so I would suggest resting at a camp, putting on some strong food buffs, and then using a hunt to get to night time without wasting too much of the buff. There are a couple of camps inside to replenish your buffs and refil your HP.

You don’t have to complete the entire dungeon. You need to down about 20 rooms. You’ll encounter a group of 5 Tonberries, kill them and the Balmung Sword can be found on the floor. It’s not a terribly difficult dungeon but make sure you have decent gear. The Ultima Blade, some Limit Break Magic and plenty of healing items is a good idea.

Balmung Sword In Final Fantasy XV

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  1. I’ve got Balmung now, and about 3 maybe for camp’s in but does the dungeon keep on going and going or is there a final battle/boss? I’m thinking is it worth going deeper and deeper if there is nothing else at the end of it or it just keeps on looping through different rooms/slight different fights

    1. Update- there was about 5 camps and then ended up with two mini entrances with a potion and a robe of the lord. No further way down, so answered my own question!

  2. Hey, quick tip for this dungeon, the mancers are really annoying, cary ether and use the special ring move (triangle/Y?) underlevled? Do the Turtle mountain and use the same move over and over again on the mountain and warp for MP, happy hunting!

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