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How To Get Black Hood Legendary Outfit In Assassins Creed Origins

How To Get Black Hood Legendary Outfit In Assassins Creed Origins
Assassins Creed Origins features tons of awesome Legendary outfits. This guide will tell you How To Get Black Hood Legendary Outfit In Assassins Creed Origins so you can equip your assassin with one of the most impressive looking outfits in the game.

The Black Hood is a Legendary Outfit that can be obtained towards the end of the game. You must be level 36+ to be able to complete the entire process. Many of the earlier objectives can be completed at a lesser level but for the final part, you will need to be able to defeat level 40 enemies.

Progress through the story and you will soon be introduced to Phylakes. Deadly bounty hunters tasked with bringing you down. Once you kill your first Phylakes you get given a special quest, Phylakes Prey. If you need help, check out our guide for killing Phylakes.

The first stage of the quest is to kill every Phylake. There are 10 in total, ranging from levels 20-40. You can kill something up to 4 levels higher than your current level. Any more than that and they are red skulls.

The OutsiderLevel 20
Ptolemy’s FistLevel 22
The Iron RamLevel 25
The StrangerLevel 28
Ra’s MercyLevel 30
The HillLevel 32
Bane of HathorLevel 35
Half HornLevel 38
The GalatianLevel 39
The Iron BullLevel 40

Each of the Phylakes drops a powerful Legendary weapon and a select few drop an Ornamented Key. When you’ve killed all 10 you will have 3 Ornamented Key’s, but you need one more.

The last objective has you traveling to Yw Huts on the East side of Herakleion Nome. You need to clear a few level 40 crocodiles for the sister of the Phylakes brothers. Once you’ve cleared them out, she will give you the final key. From there simply follow the objective marker to the chest and use the keys to unlock your treasure. The Black Hood Legendary Outfit.

Black Hood Legendary Outfit

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