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Where To Get The Black Market Key In Dishonored 2

Where To Get The Black Market Key In Dishonored 2
The Black Market Key in Dishonored 2 will let you gain access to the Black Market back doors. This means you will be able to get some of the loot they sell for free. Check out this guide to find out Where To Get The Black Market Key In Dishonored 2!

How To Get The Black Market Key In Dishonored 2

Thanks to a comment by Tweakbunny, we now know how to get the Black Market Key in the second level. “During the second mission, in the condemned building full of blood flies go past the piano and you can go through small space near the ceiling. This will get you upstairs where the crazy guy with all of the blood flies is. In one of the rooms there is a glass case with blood flies in it. If you break that you can find the black market key inside.”

During the Clockwork Mansion mission you will be in a city for some time. There is a Black Market there, a woman is behind the counter. Go out of the Black Market and look for the beggar nearby. Give him 5 gold and he will tell you about a heist that is being planned. The heist is going down in the apartment right next to him but you can’t access it yet. Look up, above the entrance to the Black Market, and you will see some balconies and ledges. Use your blink to get up there and follow the path until you enter the top floor of the apartment.

Fight your way down to the bottom floor the two people will be talking about the Heist. They will attack you, so beat them and then the plan is all yours. They have two Whale Oil cans already set up at the wall but you need a third. Go to the Light Wall and grab a third and bring it back. Apparently, if you just sleep dart her through the window she won’t die and you can grab the key. This way anyone doing a No kill run can still steal all her stuff. Thanks to Kailien for leaving the comment.

You can still set up the whale Oil next to the two others and blow them up. The wall will come down and you will gain access to the back-end of the Black Market. If you blow up the wall the shopkeeper will die, just wanted people to know. She will leave behind a gold pouch and the Black Market Key.

Now you will have the key to the kingdom as they say.

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