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How To Get A Divorce In The Sims Mobile

How To Get A Divorce In The Sims Mobile
So you followed our guide on how to get married on The Sims Mobile before realising you’ve made a huge mistake. Well, worry not young bachelor, if you’re looking for an escape route check out this information on how to get a divorce in The Sims Mobile.

There are a couple of requirements before you are able to file for a divorce but don’t worry. There’s no paperwork involved, you don’t lose half your dignity and belongings and not a lawyer in sight. You first have to be married, probably obvious but thought I’d include that anyway. Then you need to speak with your spouse, you can invite them over to your house but they should already be there. Once they arrive at your place initiate a conversation with them.

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Typically the initial conversational topics are in the flirty category. You need to scroll down on the conversation menu until you see the More Options tab. Clicking this brings up a new set of menus. Ignore the Friendly, Flirty etc options and instead choose the Mean option. From there, check the lower area of that menu and you will see the option to ask for a divorce.

Other than morning breath, farting under the covers or dressing like a slob, there are a number of reasons you may want a divorce. If you married a Sim that was not traditionally in your household you can’t use our trick to reach level 10 friendship fast and you also are unable to have a baby. For information on that be sure to check out our Sims Mobile baby guide.

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