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Where To Get The Flying Car (Regalia Type-F) In Final Fantasy XV

Where To Get The Flying Car (Regalia Type-F) In Final Fantasy XV
The Flying Car (Regalia Type-F) is a special unlockable that you can actually miss if you’re not sure where to look. You can get this awesome upgrade for the Regalia by following our Where To Get The Flying Car (Regalia Type-F) In Final Fantasy XV guide. If you want the ability to soar through the skies on the Regalia you need to obtain 3 unique car parts – Warped Wings, Unstable Stabilizer and Strange Engine.

Where To Get The Flying Car (Regalia Type-F) In Final Fantasy XV

You don’t have to wait until near the end of the game to unlock the flying car in Final Fantasy XV, in fact, it can be done a lot earlier. However, you still won’t gain access to the Regalia Type-F itself until post-story content. Once you reach Chapter 8 in the main story you will be given 2 missions to take down enemy strongholds. These are crucial to the progression of the story so you cannot miss them. Complete both of those missions and you will be rewarded with the Warped Wings and Unstable Stabilizer. These are the first two components in your journey to unlocking the Regalia Type-F.

The final stage is another stronghold however, this one is not featured in the story. Formouth Garrison is in the North East corner of the map. Head there to get the objective to take it down. There’s a method of getting nearly 1,000,000 experience points in this mission, be sure to use the methods in our FFXV fast leveling guide to maximize the missions rewards. The mission itself isn’t that difficult if you’re level 50+ and go in with plenty of spells.

That’s all you can do early in the game. Now you have to continue through the main story. Once you’ve finished the story and loaded up your save a mission will pop up, Into Unknown Frontiers. Head to Cindy, hand in your car parts and enjoy flying your Regalia Type-F all around.

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