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How To Get Free Gems In Angry Birds Evolution

How To Get Free Gems In Angry Birds Evolution
As with all top mobile games today, Angry Birds Evolution features its own premium currency that usually costs cash to buy, Gems. This How To Get Free Gems In Angry Birds Evolution guide will teach you a few tricks to earning Free Gems in the game without having to spend hundreds of dollars. As I mentioned, Gems are a premium currency in Angry Birds Evolution. As such there is no guaranteed way to amass thousands in a short time – and be sure to avoid those dodgy scam websites promising premium currency. However, there are a few ways to get free gems.

How To Get Free Gems In Angry Birds Evolution

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Firstly, there’s achievements. You unlock achievements near the start of the game. They include various objectives, from leveling up your birds to defeating enemies and unlocking new areas. Once an achievement is complete you can get the reward, Free Gems! You can find the place to get achievement rewards at the main town.

Gem Pigs
One of the many rewards you get for levelling. When you reach level 15 you unlock Gem Pigs. There is a small chance to find a Gem Pig whenever you send out your Scouts. It’s blue, the same color as Gems. Once defeated, if you’re quick enough, you can get a bunch of Gems for taking it down.

Your Collection
In the same place as the achievements tab are the Birds and Enemies tab. Every time you get a new bird (check out our awesome Angry Birds Evolution list of birds) or defeat a new enemy type, it is unlocked in your collection. Once you activate the new items within the collection you’re given Free Gems.

Free Gem Leveling Reward
Once you reach account level 17 you unlock the Free Gems perk. It doesn’t offer much explanation but after reaching this level you’re meant to be able to find Gems randomly just scattered around the central town area. They are not very common but they do appear from time to time.

We’ll continue to update this guide with more ways on How To Get Free Gems In Angry Birds Evolution so check back soon for updates.

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