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How To Get Free Pizza Slices In Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow

How To Get Free Pizza Slices In Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow
As with most of today’s mobile games Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow features two currencies, a free currency and a premium currency – Pizza Slices. This How To Get Free Pizza Slices In Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow guide lists some of the best ways to earn lots of Pizza Slices for free.

Pizza Slices have many useful functions in Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow. They can be used to recruit special characters, construct unique buildings and skip time consuming actions. Developers are wising up. There’s no quick fix to getting 1000s of Pizza Slices for free, otherwise people wouldn’t buy them right? However, there are a few things you can do to get some Pizza Slices without having to spend a buck.

Firstly, you get small rewards of Pizza Slices for completing story specific objectives. The rewards are usually very small in number, around the 5 to 10 mark, which is very limited when you consider the costs of some of the more expensive buildings. The key is to save them. Don’t waste them on speeding up actions. Patience is one of the best ways to accumulate lots of Pizza Slices.

The next method is a little more rewarding. Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow allows you to go on various adventures out in space. A lot of these offer rare rewards to recruit other characters, account experience points and some Nixonbucks. The majority of the time you only have to complete a single path within the mission to complete objectives. However, if you complete every path in the mission you get a special 100% complete reward. This typically contains a decent chunk of Pizza Slices, 100+.

The last method is similar to completing objectives 100% but instead you need to gather a certain roster of characters. When you first unlock a new character the game typically displays what set of Futurama characters it belongs to, such as recruiting all the Planet Express Crew. You get rewards for finding 50% of the characters in that specific roster, and then further rewards for getting all of the characters.

It’s a long and time consuming process to get lots of free Pizza Slices in Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow but it saves a few bucks and some of the characters you can unlock are well worth the wait.

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  1. It’s only showing me 5 pizza slices for completing missions 100%. I’m still at mars, though. Does it get better?

  2. I also only get 5 pizza slices per 100% fulfilled mission. Spent more than $270 so far, healing the characters on especially hard missions, it sucks.

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