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How To Get A Full (nearly) Legendary Set At The Start Of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

How To Get A Full (nearly) Legendary Set At The Start Of Middle-Earth Shadow Of War
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is finally here and with it, a great trick to get nearly a full set of Legendary gear right near the start of the game. Check out our guide for a few quick tricks so you can stack up on quality items and rip through Sauron’s forces with ease.

Legendary items are the most powerful items in the game. They all come with different set bonuses for equipping more than one item from the same set. The one particular set you can get near the start of the game is the Vendetta set. To do this, simple progress through the main story missions until the tutorial prompts introduce you to Vendetta missions (we’ve got a guide on Online Vendetta missions if you need it). Once you complete the first one they will appear on a very regular basis. It’s a very simple process, and you can unlock more than one item at a time if you complete specific objectives. Below are the objectives you must complete to unlock each piece of the Legendary set.

  • Complete 1 Online Vendetta mission to unlock the sword
  • Use a Stealth Attack against an Online Vendetta target for the dagger
  • Get a headshot on an Online Vendetta target for the bow
  • Finish an Online Vendetta mission with over 80% Hp for the armor
  • Use a mounted attack in a Vendetta mission for the Cloak
  • Dominate (you need to progress further in the game for this skill) a target in Vendetta mission for the ring

If you want to search for other powerful items be sure to check out our full guide on all legendary items in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

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