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How To Get A Horse In Kingdom Come Deliverance

Want to get yourself a free horse without stealing? This guide will tell you How To Get A Horse In Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can avoid the long and dangerous walks in favor of a nice ride on your trusty steed.

You are able to get a horse in different ways. You can steal a horse or purchase one but one is risky and the other expensive. There is a way to get a free horse if you progress through the story. Clear the initial story introduction until you have the quest Awakening at Rattay. Follow the simple objectives to complete that quest and you are introduced to Lord Hanush. Following that quest you will begin your training with the mission, Train Hard, Fight Easy.

Head to the new objective and speak with the Captain to begin your Basic Training. It’s a lengthy tutorial but it walks you through all the basics of swordplay and then archery – both vital skills so make sure you pay attention. Both will result in a test against a familiar adversary. You are able to win both competitions. Once you have completed your training and won the duels you need to meet up with the Bailiff. Following that you’ve got a few quests and objectives to complete. Simply follow the main quest line down this series of quests.

A short while after patrolling with Nightingale you will unlock the next main story quest, Prey. This is the quest that lets you get a free horse. You need to meet up with the Hunting Party and Lord Capon at dawn then proceed to follow him to the Hunting Grounds. You’ll want to bring a lot of arrows as you need to hunt some game. Once the hunt starts, kill at least 3-4 rabbits. More if you wish.

Then advance time until early evening, 5pm. That will complete this part of the quest, then you will need to return and meet him at the camp. Sleep through until the next day. Then go on another hunt.

Where Is Lord Capon

Where Is Lord Capon
Your next task is to find Lord Capon, after he shoots a boar and chases it away. He is tied to a tree near a bandit camp at the location I am standing above. Clear the two bandits and rescue the Lord.

That will end this quest and you will learn How To Get A Horse In Kingdom Come Deliverance in the cutscene that follows.

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