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Where To Get Iron Ore In Dauntless

Where To Get Iron Ore In Dauntless
Dauntless Founder’s Alpha is now available and with it, tons of exciting weapons and armor to create. You’ll need lots of different materials, including Iron Ore. This guide will tell you Where To Get Iron Ore In Dauntless so you can upgrade your weapons to take down the bigger Behemoths.

There are various places that you can farm Iron Ore but one of the quickest is on the Wings of Fear mission. This is the Shrike map. From the start you can run directly ahead and look to the left, you’ll see a large rock with brown veins running through it. Use E on the rock to harvest the Ore, which is Iron Ore.

You can find these veins on many other areas of the map. It is always up against or near a rock face, and is most often found on the outer areas of the map.

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