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How To Get Lockpicking In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How To Get Lockpicking In Xenoblade Chronicles 2
How to open locked chests? This guide will tell you How To Get Lockpicking In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so you can add this valuable skill to your repertoire and use it to unlock various obstacles in your path including locked chests and locked doorways.

Lockpicking In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a Field Skill. These are unique skills that can only be used outside of combat, while you’re exploring in the “field”. You’ve likely encountered many chests and other locked items that have required a Lockpicking Field Skill already, however it’s not something you gain early on. Unless you get lucky with a Rare Core Crystal and find a powerful Blade.

Progress through the main story until you reach Chapter 3. At this point the main story mission will take you to the Kingdom Of Uraya Province. Once you arrive here you will meet Vandham and his Blade Roc. Roc is the first Blade you encounter that has the Lockpicking Field Skill. Once you have Vandham and Roc join your party, you will be able to use the Lockpicking Field Skill and level it up through objectives on Roc.

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