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How To Get The Pet Pyjak Monkey In Mass Effect Andromeda

How To Get The Pet Pyjak Monkey In Mass Effect Andromeda
Once you’ve found where to get pre-order & DLC items in Mass Effect Andromeda you’re probably going to want to look for another exciting pre-order incentive, Pyjak the monkey pet. This guide will tell you How To Get The Pet Pyjak Monkey In Mass Effect Andromeda so you and your new furry friend can explore the galaxy side by side.

The pet in Mass Effect Andromeda, Pyjak, is only available as part of various special edition and pre-order bonuses of the game. If you did not pre-order the game or pick up any of the special editions, there’s a good chance you will not have the ability to complete this quest and get Pyjak to join your team.

How To Get The Pet Pyjak Monkey In Mass Effect Andromeda

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You need to progress through the main story until you reach the Tempest, you’re own personal space vessel in Mass Effect Andromeda. Once you have access to the Tempest board the ship and head to Ryder’s personal quarters, they can be found directly below the Bridge. Take the ladders down and it’s directly ahead of you. Once inside inspect the table to the right as you enter, there’s a computer terminal you can use. Interact with the terminal to get the quest Monkey’s In Space. There’s also an email terminal on the Bridge.

Once you’ve read the email the Heleus Mission, Monkey In Space, begins. Simply return to the Nexus to grab Pyjak. When you enter the Nexus from the Tempest dock head to the North West corner of the Common Area, you’ll find Pyjak in a large container next to the General Merchant. Interact with the crate and Pyjak will be delivered back to the Tempest. Check out the not-so cute little fella sitting atop a crate outside the Bio Lab.

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