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Where To Get Phoenix Opal In Dauntless

Where To Get Phoenix Opal In Dauntless
Phoenix Opal’s are one of the many unique and rare ingredients you will need to get in Dauntless. This guide will tell you Where To Get Phoenix Opal In Dauntless so that you can upgrade specific items, weapons and armor using the Phoenix Opal material.

Thankfully the Phoenix Opal is relatively simple to get. Unlike other rare materials it is not associated with a specific Behemoth, so you don’t have to rely on crazy random drop chance to find yourself some Opals.

Where To Get Phoenix Opal In Dauntless

You need to search the map for mining nodes. These are large, gray rocks that are often infused with another color or material. The Iron nodes have a dark vein running through them, while the mining nodes you need for Phoenix Opal’s have a large crystalline structure in them. They are commonly found in the earlier maps. You can find several nodes on the map with the Rogue Gnasher mission. The nodes are often found at the foot of cliffs and more common on the outer areas of the map.

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