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How To Get Rare 4 & 5 Star Birds In Angry Birds Evolution

How To Get Rare 4 & 5 Star Birds In Angry Birds Evolution
Angry Birds Evolution features tons of unique and powerful birds that you can recruit to join your team, none more powerful than the legendary 4 and 5 star birds. This How To Get Rare 4 & 5 Star Birds In Angry Birds Evolution guide will tell you the best technique to get the highest level and most powerful birds without spending hundreds of dollars.

Developers aren’t stupid. There’s no quick-fire, sure-fix way of getting the most valuable items in the game. If there was, nobody would use the premium options and pay real cash for items. However, there are some minor things you can do that together will drastically improve your chances of getting the higher quality birds.

Firstly, save your Gems. You get Gems as rewards for completing achievements, in chests and through missions. It’s never a lot but if you save them and don’t waste them on buying 20 gold to level your favourite bird, they can soon stack up.

Most importantly, wait for the event. It’s not a permanent event but it happens a lot. The Get Powerful Birds event is an event that increases the chances of an egg including a rare 4 or 5 star bird after opening an egg. For example, let’s say you have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a 5 star bird, that’s pretty crappy right? Well, this event can change that.

Each time you open a certain number of eggs your chances at receiving rarer, more powerful birds increases. So the best way for How To Get Rare 4 & 5 Star Birds In Angry Birds Evolution is to save all of your normal and premium tickets until the Get Powerful Birds event begins. Then, using all your tickets at once, you have the highest chance to get a rare bird without spending any cash.

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