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How To Get Rat King Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2

How To Get Rat King Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2
Destiny 2 has tons of cool new Exotics to unlock and equip. This guide will tell you How To Get Rat King Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2 so you can add another Exotic weapon to your arsenal, and one that looks pretty bloody impressive.

While the process of unlocking the Rat King is relatively simple, it does take some time and you will need a lot of decent gear to get it. Below is a list of all the different objectives you have to complete, prefixed by suggested requirements that you need to meet in order to complete the associated quests.

How To Get Rat King Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2

  • Must have completed main story
  • Recommended Light Level 230+
  • Head to Titan and speak with Sloane to complete Enemy of my Enemy quest.

Once you’ve got the quest simply follow the blue objective markers on Titan. It’s all simple stuff, can be done solo and doesn’t take much working out. There’s 4-5 quests you have to do before you finally get to take down the captain. When you take the Methane Reactor you get the item “Rat Kings Crew”. This item has several objectives associated with it. These come in the shape of Rat King’s Crew Riddles.

Rat King Exotic Riddle Answers

Riddle 1
This first riddle requires another player that also has either the Rat King’s Crew quest or weapon. Simply complete 3 Patrol Mission to finish the first stage of the riddle.

Riddle 2
As before, you need at least 2 people in your fire team with the Rat King’s Crew quest or weapon. Complete 2 Public Events.

Riddle 3
As before, bring a rat friend. You need to complete 2 Crucible matches.

Riddle 4
You need to complete the Nightfall Strike, with a rat friend and at least 5 minutes remaining on the clock.

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