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How To Get Social Score Points In Call Of Duty: WWII

How To Get Social Points In Call Of Duty WWII
Want to know how to increase Social Rank? This guide will tell you How To Get Social Score Points In Call Of Duty: WWII so you can increase your Social Level and unlock valuable rewards as you progress through the ranks.

Social Level is not explained overly well at the start of the game. It is displayed in your Soldier – Dossier menu on the right hand side. You will see your Calling Card, your current level and below that, Social Rank. It will also tell you the next reward you will receive once you reach a new Social Rank

At the moment, there are limited ways to earn Social Rank points. You can speak with Major Howard and check your Daily Orders. Sometimes this reward Social Score, you can check the rewards and look for the silhouette of a group icon.

How To Get Social Score Points In Call Of Duty: WWII

  • Daily Orders
  • Challenge someone to a Shootout
  • Win in the 1v1 Pit

We’ll update as we progress through the game and find out more ways of getting Social Score.

Social Rank Rewards
As you earn Social Rank experience points you will work towards reaching a new level. Once you reach that level you are automatically given a reward. Below is a list of the rewards we’ve received so far, through increasing Social Rank. We will continue to update as we progress.

Rank 2 – 500 Armory Credits (100 Social Score)
Rank 3 – Socialite Calling Card (250 Social Score)

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