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Where To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone In Nioh

Where To Get Umi-Bozu's Eyestone In Nioh
Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone is one of the rarest ingredients needed to craft the incredibly powerful Fanatics Armor Set. This Where To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone In Nioh guide will tell you where you have to go to get the Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone as well as some tips on farming the enemy quickly and efficiently.

Where To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone In Nioh

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone is a potential drop from the Umi-Bozu boss enemy in the The Ocean Roars Again Main Mission in the Chugoku Region. It is available to farm at an early point in the game but the Fanatics Armor set isn’t typically an armor set you’ll be able to get before reaching level 90+. You need 1x Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone for each piece of the armor set, so 4 in total.

Thankfully farming the Umi-Bozu boss is very quick and very easy, assuming you’re at a decent level (80+) and have access to a select set of skills. Most of which are vital to other elements of the game anyway. Check out the video below for a full run down on how to farm the Umi Bozu’s Eyestone easily.

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