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How To Get The Zorah Magdaros Gem In Monster Hunter World

How To Get The Zorah Magdaros Gem In Monster Hunter World
The Zorah Magdaros Gem in Monster Hunter World is needed to craft one of the starter High Rank armor sets. It can be tricky to get and you might miss it as well. Check out this guide to find out How To Get The Zorah Magdaros Gem In Monster Hunter World.

How To Get The Zorah Magdaros Gem In Monster Hunter World

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This one is actually kind of tricky because you can’t just hunt Zorah Magdaros whenever you want. Every now and then when you return from a hunt you will receive a notification that tells you that the Zorah Magdaros mission is available. When this happens you are free to take on that mission twice before it disappears again. If you don’t have it, you can search High Rank quests and SOS flares to find players on it and help them as well. There isn’t a ton you can do to help as far as loot is concerned but there are three cores and two breakable parts on the back of Magdaros while you are running around on it. Break all of these and it will increase your chances of getting the Gem as a quest reward. The extra two breakable parts are Lava rocks on the left and right side near the top part of Magdaros. You can spot them while you are climbing up to the Core up there. The Gem can only be gotten through a quest reward so it is random and can take a lot of time to get. You can also get it from the Melding Pot but I don’t know what item you need for it yet.

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