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Ghost Of Tsushima Kill Or Spare Choice Guide

Ghost Of Tsushima Kill Or Spare Choice
A choice at the end of the game gives you the option of “Honor his wish for death” and “Let him live and walk away”. This Ghost Of Tsushima Kill Or Spare Choice Guide breaks down the different outcomes depending on the choice you make, highlighting the consequences and post-game rewards. The image above was intentionally blurred to avoid spoilers but please be warned, there are serious spoilers below in this article.

Although there are spoilers below, we will avoid anything that is not completely required to explain the choice and consequence. Right at the end of the game, after you defeat the Mongols and their leader, you are confronted with one final battle. It takes place near the main characters hometown, amidst roses of red and white. That should be enough information to assure you, you’re in the right place.

Ghost Of Tsushima Kill Or Spare Choice

If You Choose Kill
If you decide to select the “Kill” option, Jin finishes his opponent with a dagger to the heart. The opponent is happy that Jin let him die with honor. After the credits sequence rolls, you unlock a special white dye for your armor.

If You Choose Spare
If you choose to let your opponent live, he expresses that Jin has no honor. As the Ghost of Tsushima, he will be hunted until the end of his days. After the post-game credits roll and you return to the game world, you are rewarded with a special red dye for your armor.

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