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Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales Guide

Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales Guide
Mythic Tales are side quests in Ghost Of Tsushima that unlock new moves for Jin. Check out this Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales guide to find and complete them all. The more moves you have in your arsenal, the better.

Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales Guide

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The Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale can be found here on the map.

The HEavenly Strike Location Ghost Of Tsushima

Speak to the man there and he will tell you the tale of a Samurai and some lightning beasts. After the story, go to the bridge in the area and talk to the woman underneath it. From there, follow the horse tracks up the mountain until you reach the Mongol camp near the top. Clear out the camp and then go speak with the peasant outside. Go to the watch tower and check out all the stuff on the table and the wall scroll. Return outside and speak with the woman and she will help you find the place with the white leaves.

Now take the Plum Blossom Shrine route up to the top of the area. When you get to the shrine, jump from the shrine to the white tree area then survey down below. This will unlock the next area you need to go to. Head down the white tree area and then to the farm there. Kill the Mongols and then speak with the peasant who is inside the house. He will give you the location of another area you will have to go to. Head there and take out the Mongols and then head up the stairs. When you get up top, you will start a Samurai Duel.

This dude is quick so be ready for fast responses. When he sheaths his sword he will attack with a red move to dodge. If you keep your distance he will do a lunge slice at you as well which is another red. Both of these present a good opportunity for a couple slashes. When he does his normal attacks, try to parry which will leave him open to a critical hit. When you get him low enough on HP, you can finish the duel with Triangle and Circle thus learning the Heavenly Strike.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Legend Of Tadayori’] This one can be found here on the map.

The Legend Of Tadayori

You are send a little ways away and asked to find some purple flowers. Follow the path up the woods towards the mountain and you will see the flowers growing there. Follow the path up the mountain side until you find a the crown of violet. Examine the area and you will find a map to Tadayori’s rest. You need to head to this spot on the map then climb up the rock near the lantern.

The Legend Of Tadayori Map entrance

Up top you will face another Samurai and have to beat her. When she is defeated, she will give you the last clue to find the armor. Head to the way point and there will be a few Mongols waiting. Kill them and talk to the prisoner and he will point you to the armor. You will be ambushed by the Mongols after getting the armor, so be ready for a fight.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Curse Of Uchitsune’] This one opened up for me after I completed the main mission involving the blacksmith and the Komatsu Forge. When the area was freed there was a man there that told me about a musician located here on the map.

The Curse Of Uchitsune Ghost Of Tsushima

Speak with him to get the quest and he will send you east. Follow the path until you get to a hillside with a tree on it. Below the tree there is a cracked opening you can enter. Down below you will find a picture that leads you to the next part of the quest.

The Curse Of Uchitsune Ghost Of Tsushima 2

There is another picture in the cave here. Now you want to head to this spot on the map.

The Curse Of Uchitsune Ghost Of Tsushima 3

Then you will find the bow but you will be hit with some mist that knocks you down. When you wake up you will have duel with the monk and beat him. After you win, the bow is yours and the quest is complete.

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