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Go Into The Planecaster Or Don’t Choice In Baldur’s Gate 3

In this choice Vlaakith and Lae’Zel ask you to travel to the Astral Prism and kill a prisoner. This guide on Go Into The Planecaster Or Don’t Choice In Baldur’s Gate 3 breaks down the different choices you can make during this quest and what happens for each choice.

It’s very likely that the decisions you make here will have further ramifications down the line. We’ll go into some detail below but it’s impossible to know how much it will impact certain sections, like the ending, without completing the entire game first.

Go Into The Planecaster Or Don’t Choice In Baldur’s Gate 3

If You Leave The Area
If you decide to leave the area you can do so via either the main door or a statue puzzle nearby, where you need to turn one statue West and one East. One is damaged so you’ll need to hit it to fix it. If you make this decision you will permanently lose Lae’Zel as a party member. She will leave the party and attack your group immediately. Your only option is to kill her.

If You Enter The Astral Prism
If you enter the Astral Plane you are then faced with two additional choices. You can either kill the Dream Visitor, siding with Vlaakith, or you can choose not to kill the Dream Visitor. If you attempt to kill the Dream Visitor it turns out that it was all a test. You cannot kill her, she heals herself immediately and tells you that Vlaakith has tricked you. You will return and get attacked by the rest of the camp. She says that you will speak again about attacking her, so it will have negative consequences later in the story.

If you decide not to try and attack her she appreciates the trust. The creche will still attack you when you return. However, you are able to convince Lae’Zel to stay with you, if you tell her the queen is lying to her and open your mind, she will stay with your party.

Go Into The Planecaster Or Don’t Choice In Baldur’s Gate 3 Video Guide

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