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God Of War Ragnarok Forgotten Tower Treasure Map Guide

One of the treasure maps you can find in Alfheim is the Forgotten Tower. This God Of War Ragnarok Forgotten Tower Treasure Map Guide will tell you exactly where you need to go to find the Forgotten Tower Treasure Map as well as provide the solution to the map puzzle so you can find the treasure, dig it up, and claim your reward.

Before you’re able to find this Treasure Map you must have completed enough of the story to interact with the blue shrines and have Freya with you. Once you’ve done that it’s a good idea to complete the main Favour in Alfheim in the Forbidden Sands so you can clear the storm and navigate the area easily. Once that’s done, head to the North East corner of The Forbidden Sands, you will find an Elf Statue there and a large library. Once inside, in the room with all the tables and books, climb one of the walls and you will find a number of items and chests including the Forgotten Tower Treasure Map.

God Of War Ragnarok Forgotten Tower Treasure Map Guide

The Forgotten Tower Treasure Map ends in The Forbidden Sands, not too far from where you got the map itself. Head to the Northern Edge of the Forbidden Sands map. There is another huge tower here. You have to climb partway up a wall and then swing across to break the board so you can reach the area. Once inside you’ll have to kill a few Elves.

Once the Elves are dead look to the left and you will see the Treasure Map pile there. Loot it to get the reward.

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