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God Of War Ragnarok Iounn Apple Location Guide

Iouun Apples are used to increase your maximum HP in God Of War Ragnarok. Check out this God Of War Ragnarok Iounn Apple Location Guide to find them all as you are going along. This way you can have more HP and not die as much to the annoying enemies.

God Of War Ragnarok Iounn Apple Location Guide

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Your first apple will be found in Svartalfheim in the Aurvangar Wetlands. This is a very early spot in the Wetlands.

Ragnarok Iounn Apple Location Guide

Here you will find a rune chest that you can open if you find the nearby runes. There are two out over the water and the third is near a tree overlooking the chest. To get to it you need to freeze the geyser and climb up the cliffside.

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The next one is tricky and it’s found on Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim. The chest will need three runes as usual. The first one is found behind the big water geyser near the chest.

The next one is found behind the smaller dragon statue. The other side is blocked by a gate so you have to hit it from behind.

Ioun Apple 2-2

The last one is found here, the geyser is near the water where you came in.

Ioun Apple 2-3

Afterwards you can collect your loot.

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This one is all about speed. You can find the chest here on the map.

Iouun apple 3

First you need to use Atreus to break the green spot off to the left. Now you need to go to the spot with the rune behind the gate. You want to use your axe on the wood to the left to make it spin. You have to hit the white part of the wood to do that.

Then it is a race. Toss your axe into the rune and then hit the other two quickly to open up the chest.

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You can find this one in the Temple Of Light as you travel through it with Tyr. He will make mention of annoying puzzles. You need to go down the hall and break the gate with Atreus. From there you can use the purple rock to hit the last rune and then get the rest in the time limit.

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