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God Of War Ragnarok The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Guide

Another Treasure Map in Vanaheim is The Giant’s Toes. This God Of War Ragnarok The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Guide will tell you everything you need to solve this treasure map including where to find the treasure map itself and, of course, the all-important location of the buried treasure. Oo’ar.

Treasure Maps in God of War Ragnarok are unique items that you can find when exploring the game world. Once discovered, they unlock a new Treasure Maps menu in the Goals screen. From here you can check any Treasure Maps you have and look at the clues again to help you find the location. Most of them, at least so far, have been pretty easy, but none have been as simple as The Giant’s Toes. You can find this Treasure Map in The Vanir Shrine. If you follow Freya’s special Favour mission through Vanaheim you will reach Vanir Shrine.

Once inside the Shrine you have to kill some enemies. Once they are all dead look to the right of the entrance. There’s a Lore slate here you can read and then just near that, there’s a golden object on the floor. Pick it up to get The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map.

God Of War Ragnarok The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Guide

As you have probably already figured out, the image in the Treasure Map is of the camp that can be found just North of Cliffside Ruins. It’s the same place where you can see the Mystic Gateway in River Delta. Head back to camp up the river and when you arrive, check behind the Mystic Gateway. You’ll see a pile of mud with a gold glow. Interact with it to dig up the treasure and claim your prize.

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