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God Of War Ragnarok Under The Rainbow Treasure Map Solution Guide

There are many hidden treasure maps in GoW Ragnarok. This God Of War Ragnarok Under The Rainbow Treasure Map Solution Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Under the Rainbow Treasure Map including where you can find the treasure map and how you can solve it.

You can find the Under the Rainbow Treasure Map in Noatun’s Garden on Vanaheim. When you arrive the garden will be full of monsters and poison plants. There’s a Favour here to remove all of the poison. As you get off the boat here run forwards towards the ruins and then take a left. In the far corner you will see a shiny object on the floor. Pick up this object and you can start the Treasure Map, Under the Rainbow.

God Of War Ragnarok Under The Rainbow Treasure Map Solution Guide

As you are already in this part of Vanaheim you are following Freya’s Favour. This Favour takes you through all new areas of Vanaheim that weren’t in the story part. You will eventually reach Goddess Falls, this is a selection of huge waterfalls where Freya was married. When you arrive here you’ll need to kill some enemies but once they are dead, you can explore.

Climb the rockface up to the next level and grab the chest. As you turn back from the chest you’ll see another wall you can climb. Climb this wall and just as you get to the top, you’ll see a pile of dirt with a golden glow. Loot this pile of dirt to complete the Under the Rainbow Treasure Map.

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