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God Of War Ragnarok Vultures Gold Treasure Map Guide

One of the first treasure maps you get in GoW Ragnarok is the Vultures Gold Map. Check out this God Of War Ragnarok Vultures Gold Treasure Map Guide to figure out where the treasure is. This way you can get the reward and move on with the area.

God Of War Ragnarok Vultures Gold Treasure Map Guide

This one can be found in The Barrens area of Alfheim. You can find the location of the treasure right here on the map.

Treasure 1

You will get some resources and an accessory for Atreus. While you are here there are other side quests to do as well. You can go underground and fight the Dark Elves or help Atreus with the animal he keeps hearing. Either way there is plenty to do here.

You can also explore the area up above to find treasure chests and other collectibles. Just be careful of the exploding flying bugs. They can swarm you and take you out quickly if you are not careful. Make sure you have a resurrections stone just in case you end up going down.

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