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God Of War Ragnarok Washed Ashore Treasure Map Guide

Washed Ashore is another treasure map you can find in Svartalfheim. This God Of War Ragnarok Washed Ashore Treasure Map Guide has everything you need to know about this treasure map including where to find the treasure map itself and where to find the ever-important buried treasure that conceals your reward.

Before you are able to find or complete this treasure map, you must first have the appropriate gear. You visit Svartalfheim very early on in your adventures with Kratos but you cannot complete much of the area until you return later in the story with Brok and Freya. During the story missions Kratos will get a new weapon, a weapon that allows him to interact with puzzles in new ways, specifically the metal objects on walls that spit out wind. Once you have access to this you can explore more of Svartalfheim and complete this Treasure Map.

God Of War Ragnarok Washed Ashore Treasure Map Guide

You can find the Treasure Map here, on Alberich Island. To get on the island you must first venture to the smaller island to the North. You can then break a rock that frees up a wheel. Once the wheel is freed you can use the lift and get across to the smaller island.

If the giant skeleton of what appears to be a dragon wasn’t enough of a giveaway, you can find the treasure on Dragon Beach. To the South East side of Dragon Beach there is the skeleton of a huge dragon. You can find a pile of recently disturbed sand there. Simply interact with the pile to claim the reward.

And that’s all you need to know about the Washed Ashore Treasure Map.

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