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God Of War Favors Guide

God Of War Favors Guide
Favors are the side quests in God of War and reward some nifty equipment. This God Of War Favors Guide will tell you where to find each of the different Favors in the game, how to go about completing them and details on any rewards you receive for doing so.

Favors are very similar to side quests. There’s tasks scattered throughout the game, often given to you by other people you encounter. Each Favor has several objectives and often rewards you with new equipment such as gold and hilts for your axe.

God Of War Favors Guide

Unfinished Business
The Realm Of Fire
Hammer Fall
Second Hand Soul
Otrs Imprisonment
Fafnirs Hoard
Family Business
The Realm Of Fog
The Flight Of Fafnir
Deus Ex Malachite
Prove Your Valor
The Anatomy Of Hope
Time Heals All
Dead Freight
Hail To The King
The High Council
The Fire Of Reginn
Ivaldis Workshop
Ivaldis Protection
Ivaldis Protection

We are still working our way through the game so check back soon for updates to our God Of War Favors Guide.

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