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After the last bank heist Trevor will want to rob a train. He claims that it will either have gold or priceless artwork on board. This guide will help you get through the mission with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Derailed Guide

At the start of the mission Micheal and Trevor will split up and you will be Trevor on a dirt bike. You will need to ride to the train tracks and jump onto the top of the train with the bike. On the right side of the train tracks you will find a path that goes higher than the train. Don’t try to jump onto the train on the first jump, instead go to the second path and get above the train and drop onto it. Once you get on top of the train keep it steady and drive to the front of the train.

Once you make it to the front Trevor will jump inside the cabin and take over. After you pass the Merryweather station Trevor will call Micheal and you will switch to him on the water. Head to the train bridge and you will see Trevor do his crazy thing and the train will drop into the water. Look for the orange container with Micheal and jump onto the ledge near the doors, plant a bomb and blow it open.

Once you blow the doors open the Merryweather guys will bring some boats and helicopters to try to stop you. As Trevor take cover behind the log and take out the guys as the try to get to Micheal. Remember to use his special to bring down the choppers quick. Once the guys appear on the bridge get out your sniper rifle and switch to the thermal scope. Take them out one at a time so they don’t shoot you, stay behind the log for extra cover. Once the snipers are down another chopper will come and now troops will be dropping with parachutes. Take them all out and Micheal will finally find something worth taking.

Then you will be trying to escape downriver while the Merryweather guys chase you again. This time they will have some boats which can be destroyed and some helicopters. Focus on one at a time and use your special ability when you can to make it easier. Once you clear the river head to the beach and go to the cars. Trevor and Micheal will talk and they will bring up the big one, the Union depository.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 Derailed Guide, check back soon for more guides! If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

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