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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: FIB Heist Guide

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This heist will involve a government building and a huge explosion. The plan is to sneak in, blow the charges and extract the data. This guide will help you get through the heist with no troubles at all! However, if you want to infiltrate using the rooftop method and your ninja skills, we’ve got that for you as well. Let’s get started.

Grand Theft Auto 5 FIB Heist Guide

I chose the Fire Crew option for this one, hiding in plain sight is always the way to go. I brought Hugh Welsh(mistake he died for me so bring the other guy so no extra expenses have to be paid) and Gustavo Mota for my gunmen since they were the two best and I didn’t want to lose any of the take.

The Set Up

Gta Sub

First thing you can do is find a getaway vehicle, I used a truck again. Go to a discreet location like an alley or under bridge or something like that and mark it as your getaway car.

You will also need to get a fire truck which can be done by calling the emergency services and asking for a fire truck. If you steal it while they are in it expect to have some cops on you, return it to the garment district when you are clear.

The Heist

Gta Car

After you meet back up with Lester he will go over the plan and you will head to the FIB building. You will actually be moping the floor while you are placing bombs. It’s really basic just time consuming. After you finish planting the bombs leave the building and Michael will call Franklin.

When you are Franklin go pick up Michael and detonate the bombs. Once the bombs go off ride over to the FIB building and take the elevator. You will need to climb some stairs after that and you have a limited amount of oxygen so follow Michael throughout the building. Once you are on the top floor blow open the door and collect the drive from the wall.

After that you will have to escape the building because it is falling down around you. Keep following Michael until you get knocked out. Once you get back up you will have to fight your way out of the building. Keep staying behind cover and follow the path out of the building. Once you get back to Michael follow him to the elevator shaft and rappel down the building.

Once you exit the building you will have to get to the getaway vehicle as quick as possible. If you take to long the cops will be looking for someone matching your description. Once you make it to the getaway car, blow up the fire truck and head to Lester’s place and to complete the heist.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 FIB Heist Guide, check back soon for more guides!

Roof Entry: Ninja Skills

Be sure you pick the best crew for the job as this can get really ugly otherwise. The roof entry is really simple and relatively easy. Simply get in the chopper and fly to the location. The objective marker is at a high altitude so if the mission doesn’t start when you arrive, fly upwards. Once you enter you’ll need to break down the server room door with a sticky bomb. This will activate the alarm. Enter the room and hack the computer.

I struggled to get the IP the first time but the second time is simple. Simply check the list of numbers for the first 2 numbers in the IP, there’s a good chance you’ll find it that way. Activate the other programs and the defend your position until the FIB arrives. The rest of the mission is simply following objective markers and killing anyone in your way. Be sure to switch between characters when you’re low on life to avoid death. It’s one of the easier heists but it’s great fun.

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