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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: Stunt Jump Locations Guide

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The Stunt Jumps in Grand Theft Auto 5 are located all across the wide spreading map. This Stunt Jump Location Guide will go over all 50 different locations and how to hit each stunt. If you do complete all 50 stunts you will get a trophy/achievement called “Show Off” and is also necessary to 100% the game. I found it easiest to do the jumps on a motorcycle with Franklin. His special really helps line up the jumps. If you need anymore help or have any questions make sure to hit us up in the comments below. Click on any of the pictures to bring up a bigger picture of the map and the jump location.

GTA V Stunt Jumps 1-10

Stunt Jump Pic 2

Burton – Rockford Plaza Jump:

rockford jump maprockford plaza jump
For this jump look for Rockford Plaza which is a big building in Burton. Make your way down Occupation Ave. and up what looks like a parking ramp. On the right side will be a gap in the wall that can be jumped. You’re going to want to try to hit around the cross walk on the street below by the street lamp.

Downtown – Las Lagunas Blvd. Jump:

Los Lagunas Blvd Jump maplos lagunas jump
This jump is kind of hard to spot at first but there will be some orange construction signs and a break in the railings. Back up down the street and give yourself a nice warm up to jump. The stunt jump takes you down onto the freeway and can take a few times to actually land. If you stay patient though you will eventually get it.

Pillbox Hill – Medical Center Jump:

pill hill jump mappill hill jump
On the right side of the Pillbox Hill Medical Center there will be a break in the railing. You have to get a lot of speed to make it down to this jump.

La Mesa – East Del Perro Freeway Jump:

del perro fwy jump mapdel perro fwy jump
For this jump you have to go up a freeway ramp. On the right side of the on ramp there will be a ramp leading down into the La Mesa water way. Aim down the middle of the ramp and you should land just fine.

Pillbox Hill – Low Power Street Jump:

low power street jump maplow power street jump

This jump is pretty strait forward. Low Power Street will end in a T. At the T is a part of the barrier missing. Jump down to the lower street and land to complete the jump.

Pillbox Hill – 24 Hour Parking Jump:

24 hour jump map24 hour jump

Another Jump in Pillbox Hill. Look for the 24 Hour Parking Lot. Jet up the entrance and hammer on the power. Strait in front of the entrance will be an opening that you can jump off of. Land the jump as close to the street below as you can to complete the stunt.

Mission Row – Little Bighorn Ave. Jump:

Little Bighorn Ave Jump MapLittle Bighorn Ave Jump

This jump can be a little bit tricky. On Little Bighorn Ave. there is a small boat rental place. Next to the boats is a green ramp. Take the ramp and jump up onto the causeway. Land the jump to complete the stunt.

Strawberry – Parking Ramp Jump:

parking ramp jump strawberry mapparking ramp jump strawberry

There is a parking ramp in the middle of the Strawberry section of the map. Head up the parking ramp and off one of the edges should be a ramp. Back up and get the full length of a the parking ramp to give you enough speed and jump. Land the jump to complete the stunt. If you have to, use Franklin’s special to circle the ramp to give you enough speed.

Rancho – Parking Ramp Jump:

rancho parking ramp jump maprancho parking ramp jump

In the Rancho section of the map there is another parking ramp jump. Head up the parking ramp at this destination. If you have to, you can uses Franklin’s special on a motorcycle to circle the ramp and build up speed for the jump. Land the jump on the street below to complete the stunt.

El Burro Heights – Car Scrapyard Jump:

car scrapyard jump mapcar scrapyard jump

Just off the back side of the Car Scrapyard there will be a ramp overlooking a hill side. Pick up speed and launch off the ramp onto the dirt road below. Land the jump to complete the stunt.

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