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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: The Big Score Guide

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This is it, this is the big one, the Union Depository. This heist can make you huge dollars if you can get everything out of the place before you get caught. This guide will get you through the heist with no troubles at all! Let’s get started.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Big Score Guide

I took the obvious way because I figured either way robbing a bank would get the police on me. However, there’s a guide for the subtle way at the bottom if you’d rather attempt that. For drivers pick Eddie Toh then Karim Denz and for the gunmen pick Chef and Gustavo Mota.

Heist Set Up

Franklin Armor

The first thing you will need to do is get a drill. The drill is on the back of a semi and as soon as you take it the police will be on you. Drive the truck out of the lot and park it by the street and get out and enter something easier to hide in. Use the other vehicle to elude the cops then go get the truck and bring it to the way point.

You will also need a getaway vehicle in this one, get something that take a few hits and call Lester. He will give you a way point where you will need to drop the vehicle off at.

Lastly you will need to steal a couple parts of a train. First thing you will have to do is kill the two guys near the train controls. After you do that go up to the tower and switch the tracks. From there you will become Micheal and you will need to use the helicopter to pick up a the train and drop it onto the back of a semi truck. You will need two parts off the train so you will be doing two trips.

The Heist

Franklin Mini Gun

After you drive to the bank with Micheal you will be switched to Franklin in the drill. Use the drill to go through the wall and into the bank. Go into the bank on foot and blow the doors open with some explosives. Chef will go get the gold while you defend him, shot any enemies who come into the tunnel. After you get all the gold a chopper will come to pick it up and you will have to defend the gold. Once you defend the gold you will have to switch to Trevor. Just fly forward for a bit then you will have to switch to Micheal.

Once you are Micheal you will have to fight your way to Franklin. Stick behind cover and fight your way to him. Once you make it to him you will have to fight to the getaway vehicle. This is going to be a big fight so switch between Micheal and Franklin when your hp gets low. You will have to take down a couple choppers on the way out as well so aim for the pilots. Once you make it to the car you will have to escape the police. This can be difficult but how I did it was by switching between alleys and hiding spots. When I got an opening I would move to another spot so they wouldn’t find me.

After you escape the police you will switch to Trevor. You will have three Merryweather chopper’s chasing you and your other driver. Lester will shoot rockets from the right side of your chopper at them if you can get close enough and stay steady enough for him to take a shot. You need to destroy all three before you get out of the wind farm or else you will lose half the score and fail the heist. Once you are clear of Merryweather go drop the gold off at the train and head back to the air strip and get paid.

The Subtle Way – Prep

If you would rather attempt the subtle method, we’ve got you covered there as well! There’s potential for a big payout here so choose the best crew you can. I hired Chef as my first crew member and Gustavo Mota as my second gunman. I chose Eddie Toh as my first driver and Karim Denz as my second. I chose Rickie as the hacker as although it creates more work for (which this guide helps with), it’s a far lesser cut. You have a couple of family issues to solve first but following that you should get a text message for the first steps of the Heist. Wait for the message about the spike trips in the LSPD car and head to the objective marker.

I parked my car by the wall and used it to jump over. Once you get into the parking lot you’ll notice a police officer on the phone. Stay in stealth mode and wait for him to finish his call before taking him out. You’ll get a 3 Star wanted level either way but this method saves some damage to the car. Once outside the parking lot simply lose the cops, it’s not that difficult. The final destination here is literally dead in the middle of Los Santos, behind the strip club, so try and stick to that area when losing the police to save time.

Where to find the Gauntlets? Now it’s onto finding the cars. The Gauntlet is a Chevrolet style muscle car which usually has a stripe of paint down the middle. You can find these around town but if you’re struggling, the mission spawns 3 in specific locations. The first one can be found on the top floor of the red car park in Little Seol. It’s a couple of blocks North West of the Ammu-Nation with Range in the center of Los Santos. After you grab the car head to a nearby spray shop. Equip everything you can to increase your chances of success. Modifications such as armor and bullet proof tires do carry into the Heist.

The second Gauntlet can be found outside the Ponsonbys clothes shop in North West Los Santos, the one near the barber shop. It’s on the same side as the clothes shop but a short distance South, parked on the side of the road. Repeat the steps, pimp it and return it, before searching for the final Gauntlet.

The final Gauntlet can be found near the Car Impound in Los Santos. If look at your map focus on the impound. Now move it down to the South and then one street to the West. Car is parked outside a hotel. Repeat previous steps. After you’ve collected the final car return to the strip club to begin the Heist.

The Subtle Way – Heist

Getting to the tunnel by 8am is simple, takes about 30 seconds. Once you arrive wait for the trucks to get there. The vans will pull into the tunnel, you’ll need to deploy your spike strip and move a short distance so that you’re not in the way. Follow the security guy through the ropes before eventually returning to the vans with your gold. Once outside you’ll be prompted to switch to Franklin to help the trucks avoid detection.

At this point Franklin will control the traffic lights to move the team through and avoid the enemy patrol. It’s very simple and almost impossible to fail. Just be sure to always block the route the red arrows are taking and green light once you’re told which route your van is taking. It varies so don’t assume, just wait until they can only go one way down the road, and then switch the signal.

When you get to safer ground you’re attacked anyway. Just switch between characters when you’re prompted and take out the advancing enemies. It’s pretty simple. Next up is a police chase. It’s scripted so don’t attempt to ram the police or over take other cars, just stick with your team and remember to use Franklin’s ability on the tight turns. Reach the tunnel and get into the trucks. Job done. Enjoy your wad of cash.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 The Big Score Guide, check back soon for more guides! If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

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