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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: The Blitz Play Guide

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The Blitz Play is the third heist you will have to do. This time we are going to be stealing from an armored truck and the planning is getting a bit more elaborate. This guide will help you get through the heist with no trouble at all!

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Blitz Play Guide

You will have your three characters for your crew this time.

Heist Set Up


You will have to go to a Ammunation and buy three boilers suits, one for each character.

After that you will need to steal a garbage truck, drive up next to one and make it stop and hijack it. After you steal it of course the police will be on you so you will have to lose them. Take a bunch of turns and drive against traffic to help with this, find an alley you can sneak in and hide there until the heat dies down. After you drop the truck off you will have that part of the mission beat.

You will also need to steal a tow truck for this mission, head to the HS way point to find one. you will see a guy working on a smoking car, I don’t know if he calls the police or not since I stealth knocked him out. Follow the way point with the tow truck and drop it off.

The next thing on the list will be masks, which can be bought at the pier. Pick three out and buy them to complete this part of the mission.

The last thing is the getaway car. Grab a SUV and park it under a bridge near the beach. call Micheal and tell him you want to use that as your getaway car.

The Heist

Beep Beep

Once all the pieces have been assembled meet at the heist point and Micheal will go over the plan. After you are told the plan drive the garbage truck to the way point and you will switch to Trevor for a moment. He will spot the truck and you will switch back to Micheal and need to block both lanes at the way point. Once the garbage truck is in position the armored truck will come down and you will get control of Franklin in the tow truck. Use the tow truck to ram the armored truck off the road and blow open the back with an explosive.

After you break open the back you will have to hold off the cops for a while. There will be a bunch of switching between characters so remember to stay behind cover. When they tell you to take out the snipers be sure to do so quickly or else they will kill you. When you need to take out the chopper aim in front of it since the rocket launcher has a slight delay on it.

Once you clear out all the cops you will have to drive the garbage truck back to the other car, use a sticky bomb to do so. After that hop in your getaway vehicle and drive away from the garbage truck. Once you are far enough away Frankly will call Micheal and you will switch to him. After you drop the package off at Devin’s house you will complete the mission.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 The Blitz Play Guide, check back soon for more guides! If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

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