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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: The End Guide *Spoilers Inside*

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The last mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 has a few choices to choose from and the all have different effects. This guide will help you choose the choice you feel is the best choice. There are some spoilers ahead so if you aren’t on this mission you shouldn’t be reading this! When your posed with the choice between kill Michael, kill Trevor and Death Wish, this guide is your friend.



The Third Way

good Bye Franklin

The Third Time – Deathwish

Head to Lester’s and then head to pick up Lamar. Once you get Lamar head to the foundry and be ready for a fight. You will have control of all the characters for this mission and I would start off as Trevor because he is behind the enemies to start. Just keep mowing them down and sticking behind cover. After a couple of waves are down you will have to switch to Franklin and go help Lamar. Jump over the ledge and run outside to help out Lamar with the Merryweather.

After you help out Lamar, Michael will call over to T and he won’t answer. Switch to Michael and go check it out and see where Trevor is. Take out any guards that come in and stick behind cover when they are shooting at you. Once you make it to Trevor you can switch between the two. After you clear out the foundry you will have to go outside with Michael and Trevor.

After this each of them will have a target to kill. Pick each character and kill their targets in any way you want, switch between them to find out who’s the closest to their target and deal with them first. When it says escape the triads or ballas just mow them all down then leave. After you get all the targets Trevor will get the last one and you will bring him to the check point.

After you all meet there you put an end to your troubles and after the credits you can play as each of the characters.

Something Sensible

Good Bye Trevor

Something Sensible – Kill Trevor

As Franklin ride to where Trevor is and you will start a long chase scene. Just keep on him until Michael comes to help and he will crash. Once he crashes you can finish him. It’s a pretty brutal death but really he’s done some pretty brutal stuff.

The Time’s Come

Good Bye Micheal

The Time’s Come – Kill Michael

Head to where Michael is and there will be a cut scene between him and Franklin. You will have to chase him into a factory area and follow him to the top of a container. One the way up there you can take a few shots at him so be sure to do so because he can still kill you. Once you make it to the top with him you will have the choice to drop him or to pull him up after a cut scene.

If you drop him Michael will NOT be playable in the post game and any of his missions that are left will be lost.

If you save Michael will headbutt you when you pick him and up and drop to his death anyways and like before he won’t be playable in the post game.

That will end the last mission in Grand Theft Auto 5. Now you get to enjoy the post game and wrap up any missions you might have missed!

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