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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: The Merryweather Heist Guide

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The second heist in the game is set up by Trevor and has to do with some private security team. Although you have no idea how much you will actually make here Trevor is convinced it will be a huge payday. This guide will help you get through the heist the smart way but we’ve also got the offshore method at the bottom, if you would rather use that.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Merryweather Heist Guide

You will use Franklin, Micheal and Trevor as the crew for this heist.

Heist Set Up


First thing you will need to get for the heist is the submarine, head to the HS way point when it becomes available. You need to go onto the boat and release the sub into the water. There is a guard up there that you can either sneak past or take out. Drop the sub and hop into the water and get in. Take it over to the dock and Floyd will pick it up from the water. Drop it off at the drop point and wait for the next part of the mission.

The Heist


After you get the sub it is time to start the heist so head back to Floyd’s house. Once there Trevor will go over the mission and you will drive to the bridge to drop off Franklin. You will get a thermal scope with Franklin and you will have to clear out the boat for Micheal. Once you clear the first two guards Micheal will climb on board and you can switch between the two. Stick as Franklin until you make it to a bomb site then switch to Micheal and throw a bomb on the target. Once you get three of the bombs planted you will become Franklin again.

Franklin has to defend himself from guys at this point because the alarm gets tripped. You will have a couple of cars roll up with guys in them, take out the guys in the car if you are able. Once you clear a few of the guys out an attack chopper will come and you will have to shoot the pilot. After the chopper goes down Micheal will need you to cover him as he escapes into the water. Once he jumps off the ship pull out your cellphone and blow the charges.

Once the boat sinks you will become Micheal, just head towards the blinking circle on the radar. Once you get there you will become Trevor and have to go pick up the device from the bottom of the ocean. Once you grab it head over to the dock and wait for the pick up. After that the heist is over and the item you collect was worth 20 million.

Offshore Heist


If you decide to take the offshore route, there’s some slight changes in the plan. Your first port of call is to switch to Michael and travel to the Flight School as Los Santos International. Your first task will be to master the take off and fly through two check points. It’s pretty simple. As Michael’s flying skill is low try to stick with L1/R1/LB/RB to control your direction otherwise the plane can take some nasty turns. The second task is just as simple. If you want gold wait until you reach about 100ft from the target before touching down. For the Inverted Flight tutorial be sure to have the nose of your plane pointing just slightly higher than level so that you maintain altitude during the barrel rolls. After that, you can leave the Flight School and continue with the Heist plans. Simply switch back to Trevor when you’re ready.

Wade then texts you with the location of the Submarine. Head to the new Hs mark on your map. You will also get another Hs mark for the cargo chopper. I took a taxi to the port to grab the sub. When you arrive there’s one guard on the boat that will attack on site but he patrols around the edge, easily avoidable. Press the button to release the sub, highlighted by the green dot, and then dive in and get aboard. It’s a long journey but if you avoid sticking directly to the coast as you travel around the South edge, you won’t hit any problems. From there simply drive the truck to the marker and store the sub.

To get the chopper you need to head to Fort Zancudo, again I opted to take a cab; but I advise you take a vehicle. A bike if possible. I searched for a stealth way in but was unable to find one, I guess you could just land a plane inside but I decided to go through the front door. There’s only 10-15 soldiers inside so getting through them with Trevor is not a problem. Use a Sniper if you have one, to clear the Helipad area and avoid damage to the chopper. After that you will need to lose the chopper tailing you but at maximum speed it can’t keep up so just travel North East. Once you lose it a new checkpoint appears at Trevor’s Airstrip, simply drop the chopper there.

After that you can start the heist whenever you please. Once you begin the Heist you’ll have a long drive to the airfield before grabbing the sub and taking it to the checkpoint via the chopper. Once in the water follow your app to the red dot location and then dive to the bottom of the ocean floor. Bump into the device to free it before rising back to the surface. The next bit is really tricky and I suggest trying to grab the sub on a fly-by, rather than hover above. Don’t worry though as if you die you’ll spawn with the sub attached.

The next bit sees the Merry Weather mercs attack your chopper. Use the radar to judge the side which their attacking from before switching with Franklin. That’s pretty much it until you return and drop the sub off.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 The Merryweather Heist Guide. If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

UPDATE: One of our community has come forward in truly heroic fashion! Thanks to Hailie it appears there’s a bug with this mission; which is why many of you are stuck. Rockstar suggests that you just complete more missions to advance. Thanks Hailie!

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