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Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide: The Paleto Score Guide

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The fourth heist in Grand Theft Auto 5 is an actual bank heist. You need to make some big cash quick and the Paleto bank is the place to do it. This guide will help you get through the heist with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The Paleto Score Guide

I took Chef for my extra crew member since I knew I’d be fighting the cops and I didn’t want to risk losing part of the payday.

The Setup

GTA cops

For this set up you will have to steal a truck from the military. Drive up to the truck and park a car in front of it to make it stop. Hijack the truck and drive it back to the meth lab. The truck has two smaller trucks protecting it that will follow you to the meth lab, once there get out and deal with them. The truck can take SOME damage but don’t let it get destroyed or you will have to restart.

The Heist


After Lester goes over the plan you will have to drive the van to the pier to drop off Franklin. The ride there is entertaining as each member of your crew goes over their first jobs. After you drop Franklin off head to the bank and get ready to steal. Once you get inside the bank head to the safe and wait for your gunman to tell you to kick the door in. After you go inside they will automatically collect the money and the cops will arrive. Once you get all the money you will go outside the bank and it is now time for a fight.

Trevor has the mini gun so use him to mow down any resistance you come across. When a cop car pulls up try to blow it up before the cops can get out. Take out any choppers that come to play. Remember the mini gun doesn’t have infinite ammo so don’t go spraying everything like a maniac. Once you make it through a couple of fences swat will arrive so kill them when they get out of their vans. After you deal with swat the military will arrive while you are looking for a way out.

Once the military arrives you should be trying to flank them instead of fighting them head on. They will sit behind cover and take smarter shots then the normal police will. After you clear out some of the army guys they will drop a tank off and you will need to switch to Franklin. Drive the tractor to where the rest of the crew is to pick them up. After you pick them up there will be a few tanks on you so head to the factory to escape them.

You will have to fight your way through the factory in order to escape the army. Use either Micheal or Trevor since they have the armor and just push through to the train tracks. Once you make it to the room near the train tracks take cover because the army will send in a squad to take you out. Kill as many as you can and keep from dying until the train gets there. Once it arrives you will hop in and and ride away to safety.

That will end the Grand Theft Auto 5 The Paleto Score Guide, check back soon for more guides! If you want to make millions on the stock market, complete every Heist with ease, or unlock all the random events; check out our Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Guide Collection.

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